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The Comaea CMS Cloud Enterprise Solution covers all aspects of Strategic and Operational Competency Management


Sophisticated competency software doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide competency solutions for industries and organisations all over the world.

January 2017. Applications.

In January 2017 we Launch Comaea Applications - our Next Generation Competency Management Software.

Future Proof

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Comaea in Figures.

Comaea is a world leading Enterprise Competency Management system that help people and businesses achieve their full potential. Here are some numbers we are proud of.

NICF Compliant.

Comaea CMS is ready to use for NICF competency assessments and linking learning solutions to NICF-recommended or company specific courses. And much more.


Raising the bar for Enterprise Competency Management

World leading Solutions and Applications

Creating Competent and High Performing Organisations!

Enterprise Competency Management

The Comaea CMS offers a powerful and complete Competency Management Solution alongside best-practice resources and methodology, brought together to help you build a competent, aligned workforce where employees at all levels within an organisation can gain an instant overview of competencies, skills available, gaps, development needs, compliance, customisable dashboards and much more.

At Comaea, we believe that the competence of people and organisations is the fundamental building block that drives strategies and results. Since the day we started, our promise has always been to provide the World with the best and easiest solution possible for Enterprise Competency Management.

Truly Cloud Based

Comaea CMS is delivered on our Comaea Cloud, offering a highly scalable and secure technology to cater for both your current and future needs for cloud based computing. Some of the benefits of using our Comaea Cloud based CMS include:
> No hardware = No installations
> Quick and easy to set-up
> No extra cost for maintenance or upgrades
> Only pay for what you use
> Low investment
Comaea CMS provides a full-range portfolio and gives you a quick start to your Competency Management work. When your needs grow along with your organisation, our Comaea Cloud based CMS is ideal for you.

Easy to use

The Comaea Competency Management Software makes life easier for people at all levels, from management to individual employees across different businesses and sectors. At Comaea, we continue to challenge ourselves to make sure the user experience remains fast, reliable and easy to use. Our Dashboards give you a detailed insight into the competency of employees and management at all levels. To facilitate specific needs, we provide our unique suite of Applications as well as our comprehensive Industry Solutions, which are tailor made to your specific needs and requirements.

Assessment and Analysis

By using the Comaea Competency Management Software, competency projects can be executed efficiently and on time. Competency Framework Design, where competency and job models are built, is easily applied in next phase assessments and analysis such as closing gaps or creating Individual Development Plans. Using our new Dashboards and Competency Charts, Comaea CMS gives you all of the information needed to ensure compliance for critical jobs and positions.

Optimised for mobile usage

At Comaea, we strive to make our Competency Management Software platform available to you wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. Our new generation mobile software is designed for use on tablets, iPads and iPhones to give both managers and employees access to the right information whilst on the go. You will be notified about events, employee follow-ups such as IDP’s and goal updates. You will also be able to send messages to keep people updated manually should anything change.

Single Sign-On & Integration

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication process where users enter a name and password once, allowing them access to multiple applications. Users don’t have to enter multiple passwords on computers, systems or applications during and in between particular sessions, thus:
> No more multiple passwords to remember
> Simple, seamless login for users via a web browser
> Reduced risk of data leakage in systems connected to identity-management systems
> No client installation apart from a web browser
> Corporate network password policies also in effect for Comaea
> Based on the open industry standards SAML 2.0.

Integration and data exchange can be done with back-end systems, including SAP, Oracle and other HR/ERP systems. Basic data exchange normally includes staff and organisation data but can be extended to more advanced integrations. The integration and SSO options are available for Comaea CMS Enterprise subscriptions.

Safe & Secure

Since 2008, Comaea Cloud has had an average uptime of 99.98%. The network infrastructure of Comaea is designed for complete redundancy and maximum availability. In the event of a failure, all operation-critical equipment – including routers, firewalls, web, application and database servers, storage and network arrays – are deployed and configured for seamless transition.

The Comaea production system is run on a multi-site cluster at two geographically dispersed locations. All critical servers and applications are installed at both locations, which in the event of a major disruption or disaster, ensures business continuity. If one of the locations fail, the second site is configured to take over all production tasks with minimal service disruptions and capacity loss.

Comaea has in effect multi-step mirroring and backup routines for the production databases and document storage systems. In the unlikely event of multiple server failures, the backups sole purpose is to restore the entire production system.

What our clients think

"The competence analysis highlighted competencies that were critical and vital for the development of the organisation. Using Comaea, we discovered hidden competencies that were among our employees. Based on these vital insights we were able to prepare ourselves for any future changes within the organization."

HR-manager Power & Energy

"We chose Comaea because of their extensive experience in building competency models and solutions for the Power & Energy industry. Their tool is very easy to use and its been easy to engage all divisions within our company. The results from our competency analysis have been extremely valuable; and we have improved our processes and routines for recruitment, education, retirements and pensions. Managers have said that Comaea's staff-appraisals are more structured and are not just based on subjective opinion"

HR Executive Power & Energy

”With over 1,600 employed teachers within the municipality, it was hard keeping track of competencies and qualifications for each employee. With the help of Comaea, we are now able to assist our managers and strengthen the competence level of employees through different activities for competency development, we can now also meet new and more strict rules that have been implemented for teacher's qualifications."

HR Manager Municipality