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Comaea competency management system software gives you

the insights to make informed decisions.

It gives you efficiency, empowerment, clarity, motivation, growth, and assurance.

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We want to help you achieve two things:


Employees that know what is required from them; empowered and motivated employees wanting to develop their careers and want to stay.



An organisation that know what skills and capabilities it has; assured that the right people are in the right jobs, and a clear knowledge and understanding of what skills are needed to grow.

Profile, assess, develop. Repeat.

By using Comaea, competency, talent and performance management projects can be executed efficiently and on time and you can capture competency assessments quick and easy.

Gap analysis and individual development plans follow and dashboards and detailed charts give you all of the information needed to aid development and ensure compliance for critical jobs and the design and interface of comaea makes updating and maintaining competence profiles easy and quick.

Think Competency | Think Comaea

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Comaea offers organisations within the private, government and public sectors a highly scalable and secure cloud based competency management solution.
> No hardware = No installations
> Quick and easy to set-up
> No extra cost for maintenance or upgrades
> Seamless Single Sign-on and HR integration
Comaea |  Competency Management Made Easy

Easy to use

Comaea makes life easier for people at all levels, from management to individual employees and we continue to challenge ourselves to make sure the user experience remains fast, reliable and easy to use.

Our Dashboards give you a detailed insight into the competency of employees and management at all levels and our comprehensive industry and profession-based  solutions and the product range can be customised to your specific needs and requirements.

Think Competency | Think Comaea

Safe & Secure

We have designed the Comaea Cloud for complete redundancy and maximum availability.  Data is stored in the UK for all UK clients, and we have worked hard to ensure comaea is compliant to the Global Data Protection Regulations -GDPR (May 2018).

You can rest assured your data is in safe hands and we regularly check our resilience from cyber attacks and disaster recovery so we can maintain our promise to you.

Think Competency | Think Comaea

Future proof

We strive to make information available to you wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using so our new generation mobile software is designed for use on tablets, iPads and iPhones to give both managers and employees access to the right information whilst on the go.

You will be notified about events, employee follow-ups such as individual development plans and goal updates and you will also be able to send messages to keep people updated manually should anything change.

Comaea |  Competency Made Easy

Your Human Capital needs Unleashing. Start now.

Comaea Academy

Learn more. Be better. Gain the knowledge you need to truly excel in all things ‘Competency’. From webinars to whitepapers, the Comaea Academy boasts a library of information, events, tools and tips you may need to move your competency mangement iniatives forward. With engagements regularly hosted both internationally as well as via our regional offices, visit the Comaea Academy to learn more, or to simply network with others in the industry.

We are proud to work with you

We try relentlessy to make Comaea easy and rewarding to work with. In the true spirit of partnership, we are proud to have many long-standing customers and friends. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our happy clients.

The Comaea Team

The team is lead by Comaea’s founder and CEO Per Palmér, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for People Management and Human Capital Development. Per was a pioneer in the field of Competency Management, developing the 1st Generation and worlds first text based competency management solution (CMS) in 1986, the 2nd Generation Windows CMS in 1991, the 3rd Generation Client/Server CMS in 1996, the 4th Generation CMS as an early Application Service Provider in 2001 and now with Comaea, the 5th Generation trueSaaS/Cloud CMS Solution since 2008.

The UK operation is headed up by Tony Martin.  Tony is a project and programme management practitioner with over 20 years experience of designing, implementing and managing strategic and tactical, competence development programmes around the world. He has delivered practical and innovative solutions from concept to delivery and has worked with many national and international organisations such as: GSK, BAA, NHS, BT, BA, Logica, Fujitsu and many more.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our cloud-based competency management system and how it can immediately impact your organisation, please let us know.

We’ll happily use a fully customised demonstration to show you how a Comaea Solution has been used in other organisations.