Project Management

Improve your project delivery capability

Audits regularly identify the poor mapping of project manager competence to project risk as a reason for project failure. Your Project, Programme and Portfolio delivery managers are key to your organisational growth.  Mapping the right skills to the right projects improves your chances of consistently successful project delivery.  It also ensures the most efficient use of your resources. Using industry standard competency frameworks, and tailoring them to “what good looks like” for you, and using Comaea to assess and capture the knowledge and experience of your staff, gives you the tools you need to ensure the right people deliver the right projects.

Internationally recognized framework

Project Management frameworks from the Association of Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute (PMI) provide an internationally recognised baseline for setting out “what good looks like” for each role in your own organisation. Comaea consultants work with you to define the exact competencies you need to achieve your strategic goals today and in the future. We use the standard frameworks as a starter and add and subtract competencies to build the role requirements that exactly match your needs and use the Comaea competency management system to capture the skills and experience of your staff. Comaea provides comprehensive management information and analytics that allows allocation and mobilisation of resources in the most effective way.

Attract and retain your project professionals

Competent and motivated staff drive improved project performance and bottom line benefits.  Understanding “what good looks like” will set the strategy for how to build your competence development programme to attract and retain staff. Individuals who have a clear understanding of how they are expected to perform, and what their own development needs are, will be more motivated and effective in their role. Comaea is an online Competence Management and eLearning System that provides a customisable and easily deployed solution enabling your project management community to manage their learning and development needs. Comaea can help you attract your project management talent and develop them to ensure you maintain your competitive edge.

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