Project Management

Promoting excellence through internationally recognized Project Management methodologies

Did you know that only about a third of all projects are successfully completed both on time and on budget?

Through Comaea, organizations across all types of industries can ensure that project teams perform according to international project management standards and principles simply by using our comprehensive Project Management competency framework.

The Comaea Competency Management Solution is a cloud based, simple, scalable and secure world leading system. The industry solutions are standardized and customized with a possibility to integrate with ERP/HR systems like SAP and Oracle. Additionally, implementations are executed by a network of consultants specialized specifically in Competency and Human Capital Management.

Internationally recognized PM frameworks

With our Competency Designer App, you can easily develop a customized PMĀ competencies using our industry recognized framework as your foundation. Then, simply add and subtract your own operational PM competencies to fit the unique requirements of your organization.

Our Project Management competency frameworks are designed in coordination with competency management specialists and in accordance with the strict standards identified by various international project management associations. Regardless of whether your organization aligns to PMI, APM, or other accredited methodologies, rest assured that a Comaea competency solution is available to establish a culture of project management excellence across your workforce.

Comaea project management frameworks are available for off-the-shelf usage, or for more detailed integration with your existing PM competencies. Whether you are simply looking to enhance the competencies of a specific PM element, or fully benchmark your project teams against a global PM standard, the full range of Comaea PM competencies will ensure the best in project management principles and methodologies.

From all stages of the project life cycle, to all segments of project management knowledge areas, benchmarking the competencies of your project teams has never been easier.

Standardize your organization’s project approach

Reduce the impact of inconsistencies and subjectivity within your organization’s approach to project management, and align the entire project management function to an internationally recognized methodology.

With Comaea Apps, you can support the entire standardization process, from the identification and assessment of key competencies, to the strategic planning of competence development according to industry recognized PM processes and principles. Where a development need is identified, PMI or APM certified learning solutions can be defined from a dynamic learning catalogue containing a variety of recommended content. Comaea can import directly from sources validated by an approved project management body, accommodating both formal and informal activities such as on-the-job training, classroom instruction, eLearning, virtual learning, mentoring, coaching, seminars, etc.

Through the use of the Comaea Learning Catalogue, a personal development plan can then be created to facilitate individual learning requirements in full adherence to a defined project management standard.

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