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Sustaining competence in Oil & Gas

As the lifeline of Western Canada’s economy, and a critical factor of the American market, the ongoing success and sustainability of the Oil and Gas industry is of key importance to North America and beyond.

The Comaea solution for the Oil and Gas industry is specifically tailored to help each individual Oil and Gas company ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed so that any future workforce development initiatives can support evolving corporate strategies. Our solution also provides fully customizable dashboards where key indicators are presented to help you keep track of certifications and compliance by mapping competencies to remote sites shown on Google Maps.

Stay confident in an evolving industry

From the frigid conditions of the Arctic Circle to the desert environments of Arizona, North America holds a unique requirement for Power and Energy providers to be fully prepared for a spectrum of operating and delivery conditions. To take things further, we now look to evolve even further into the realms of green energy.

At Comaea, we have over ten years of experience in the development of Competency Management Solutions for a wide range of Power and Energy sectors, not to mention a comprehensive competency and job framework with nearly 1,000 competencies across over 100 energy-related jobs. Our solutions assist Power and Energy companies in providing an immediate, accurate view of competencies and gaps, as well as real-time tracking of certifications and compliance.

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