We want to make your human capital work

About Comaea

Our vision is to be the world’s best competency management system with the widest connectivity while offering comprehensive industry and profession based solutions.

For us, the competence of people and organizations has always been the fundamental building block that drives strategies and business results. This empowers organizations to attract, utilize and retain the people they not only need today and also for the changing business needs of the future.

Since the day we started, our promise has been to make human capital work by unleashing the potential in people and organizations. We do this by providing people at all levels within an organization an instant overview of the knowledge, skills and experience (competency) needed to enable more informed decision-making.

Today, Comaea is the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Competency Management Solutions with our Cloud based Competency Management Software – a complete and integrated software suite that uses best-practice processes and methodology to deliver reliable and consistent management information. It’s incredibly easy to use and can be used by all staff at all levels within an organization; delighting end-users and enthusing managers and executive teams.

Comaea offers a highly scalable and secure technology for organizations of all sizes within the private, government and public sectors.

Comaea has it’s roots in Sweden but we do business with clients and partners all over the world. We have offices in Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai, London, and most recently, Edmonton, Canada.

Comaea Values


Honesty, openness and transparency are the foundations of Comaea. Creating the best possible working environment for both our clients and employees.

Built with passion and sophistication

At Comaea, we are working to create a better product that makes life easier for our customers. We care about what we create and what the outcome is – that’s the Comaea way! We always think about how our decisions affect our team, customers and the rest of the World.

Taking care of our customers

With every decision we make, we ask ourselves “How will this benefit the customer?”. If the answer to that question is “It won’t”, we will work as hard as we can to create a better solution. Customer satisfaction means everything to us at Comaea.

We are all One Team

At Comaea, we want everyone here to feel like they are working ‘with’ Comaea, not ‘for’ Comaea. We feel it’s hugely important to have a good, laid back and fun working relationship with our colleagues that will, in turn, reflect onto all of our customers.

Become what you are looking for

At Comaea we are encouraging everyone to create positive changes – we are always seeking ways to improve and develop ourselves, our products and our company.

Transforming Organizations

Our vision is to transform every business through effective human capital management.

Competency is a key component in reaching your organization’s strategic goals. To do so, you must understand how to create the right circumstances to attract, develop and maintain the right people to secure a well-functioning organization now and for the future.

Human Capital Management and the Employee Lifecycle

Human Capital Management encompasses a number of activities, processes and actions throughout the employee lifecycle. These include:

  • Identification of critical operational competencies
  • Establishing the current situation through competence inventories
  • Conducting Gap Analyses identify competencies that require development
  • Competence development achievements and “learning on the job”

Comaea has experience from over 200+ projects pertaining to the strategic supply of competence, and has been a part of the implementation of processes within the guidelines that are described in “Competence Management System” (SS-624070).

Our vision is to be the world’s best competency management system, with the widest connectivity, offering comprehensive industry sector and profession-based solutions.

What lies ahead in the future of competency management?

Comaea is a company of forward-thinking individuals who continually challenge themselves to provide solutions that are simpler, faster and use the advances in technology in the most effective way.

As best practices improve through learning and continual improvement, so must supporting software, technology and processes. With this in mind, Comaea strives to be a world-leader in the field of competency management.

By engaging with Comaea today, you can be assured of a future-proof solution that will continue to impress and enthuse you in years to come.

Partner Program

Our partner program creates an extended organization to develop technologies, repeatable service offerings, and solutions that enhance the way our customers maximize their investment in Comaea products. We work closely with our partners to support and implement new and evolving industry standards while creating mutually beneficial relationships with consultants and system integrators to extend the value of Comaea products and solutions.


Teaming with Comaea is one of the smartest ways to help grow your business, regardless of your role or industry. Our program offers sales resources, marketing support, technical training, and most importantly, the solutions and services that clients are looking for in a market that’s constantly evolving.


Knowledge is power. That’s why the Comaea Partner Program gives you everything you need to be successful as a Comaea Partner. From no-charge, online courses to classroom training modules, discounts on certifications and technical training, we’ve got a range of options that we tailor for your need to elevate your business.


From competitive market intelligence derived from more than 20 years driving and developing competency standards that can help you close deals, to marketing and sales tools that can strengthen your communication to yield results, the Comaea Partner Program is here to support your ability to profit from your hard work and expertise.

To learn more about the Comaea Partner Program, contact us.