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Do you have the right competencies to succeed in the future?

With Comaeas competency framework within construction your company can shape the future competencies to be a strong player in a growing and rapidly changing industry. With our competency framework you can identify what competencies you want to have and need for your future. To shape new job roles, and assess employee’s proficiency level and evaluate what the competency gaps are, is a widely-used management tool to ensure a high performance organisation.  We combine our expertise with globally acknowledge standard RICS. RICS competency framework is contemporary and stands for the highest standard within the industry today. We believe we can help your company succeed!

Would you like to ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed?

The Comaea solution for the Oil & Gas industry is tailored to help Oil & Gas companies ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed, even for future corporate strategies. Our solution also provides fully customisable dashboards where key indicators are presented to help you keep track of certifications and compliance by mapping competencies to remote sites shown on Google Maps.

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