Equipment Compliance Tool

Keeping track of Equipment has Never Been Easier – Equipment Compliance Tool (ECT) & Equipment Inspection Tool (EIT) Makes it Dead Simple

Equipment Compliance Tool

Create a comprehensive single source register of all equipment on site. Track key documents, certifications, manuals and inspections of all equipment. Track by issue date with preset expiry dates or by usage / operational hrs count down. ROI Utilize RFID for automated identification ROI Specialist EX and Dropped Object Register and Data modules.

Inspection management

Perform in system inspections and PM’s on or offline using System generated Work scopes in hard copy format or with mobile device hardware. Track inspections through to completion and certification. Create Automatic certificates in system, no waiting, no missing paperwork. Manage both Third party and internal requirements. ROI Integrate with RFID system for quicker more accurate inspections. ROI Save an estimated 30% on current inspection costs (based on KSA experience)

We make it easy to

– Create a scalable and robust competency framework
– Define indicators to easily assess competence levels
– Define job level requirements
– Lead and develop individuals and teams
– Identify competence gaps
– Create job descriptions
– Multi-tiers competency definitions
– Export frameworks to excel

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