January 2017. Next Generation.

In January 2017 we will launch Comaea Applications, our Next Generation Competency Management Software. The idea to take our software to the next level came from the many meetings we’ve had over the years with multiple Competency Management and HR Professionals. At the top of their wish-list was to have a simple, affordable, multi-purpose Competency Software that could be deployed quickly. Comaea Applications has been developed with all of this in mind, along with our team’s experience and some new features from the actual Comaea CMS.

At present we have over 80,000 users worldwide, contributing and challenging us to improve every day. To add to that, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas on what should be added or changed to our current Competency Management Software. See below for our latest updates on direction and progress. You’ll also see a few glimpses on how Comaea Applications can be used for professional Competency & Job Framework Design, Competency Assessments, Competency Analysis, Individual Development Plans, Certification & Competency Tracking, Learning Solutions, Career Succession, Resource Utilisation and much more!

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Competency Designer

The Comaea Competency Designer is the application used to design and create a blueprint of your Competency and Job landscape. Able to create robust, scalable Competency Frameworks in accordance with your organisation’s needs, the Comaea Competency Designer Application is the essential tool for sustainable Competency Management. The idea behind the Competency Designer Application was to build an easy to use tool that can be used by competency professionals and beginners alike. Features included in the Competency Designer are support for different modes, exporting frameworks to Excel, Job Level Requirement Matrix, pre-defined Competency Frameworks, multi-tier Competency Definitions, indicator based proficiency levels and much more. In addition to these features, you can access and customise some of the base competency libraries we provide.
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Competency Mapper

The Comaea Competency Mapper allows you to create Competency Models, access the skills of your organisation, align the competencies of individuals with your organisation’s strategies, appraise your employees through continuous assessment and set goals using Goal Charts and Development Plans.

With Comaea’s Competency Analysis, you can conduct a full inventory and analysis of your entire business, giving you a clear and structured view of the organisation’s overall competence.

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Development Planner

Comaea’s strategic Competency Development Planner is an easy to use and secure way to manage strategic competencies. By using the Development Planner tool, you’ll be able to create your own Competency Frameworks, create Individual Development Plans for every employee, use a structured CV Management system, perform Competency Analysis and much more.

Our Competency Development Planner is ideal for people at both managerial and employee levels.

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Performance Appraisal

Comaea’s Performance Appraisal tool offers managers a secure process for Performance Management. Simplify your workload with the Staff Appraisal tool, it gives you and your manager additional help in accomplishing and finalising your tasks by showing you where gaps for development and opportunities exist.

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Certification Tracker

The Comaea Certification Tracker allows you to track and manage the courses, licences and certificates within your organisation to make sure the competence levels are up to industry standards. Our tool gives you an instant overview of your employees, enabling you to find those holding certificates that have either already expired or are about to expire in the next 30, 60 or 180 days. To save time, our Certification Tracker automatically sends timely notifications to remind managers in advance that it’s time for renewal. Beyond the basic features, the Certification Tracker can be extended to handle health & safety, qualifications and mandatory training for employees.

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Learning Solutions Tracker

Comaea’s learning catalogue will manage and help you to get easy and practical help to administrate your courses and plan other activities. It suddenly gets possible to automatically strengthen those competencies with on the job training and courses. Learning catalogue will help your employees and you can easily put this in to your development plan.
When competency gaps are found in a competency assessment, it is crucial to select the most appropriate Learning Solutions to bridge those gaps. Comaea has the Learning Catalogue which gives you the ability to keep a record of all the Learning Solutions. What allows us to stand out from other Learning software is the ability to link up Learning Solutions with the corresponding Competences those actions can be used to close the gaps of, if any is found.
With this, you are not only having a library of learning solutions available to the users, you are also clearly communicating the importance of selecting a follow up plan or action to increase the competency of each individual that is being measured

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